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In the area of music, our students are offered the possibility of rising up the grades of performance and expertise, defined by the London College of Music, in their chosen instrument.

Currently, there are students who have taken the initial examinations lower down the school in a variety of instruments – flute, saxophone, clarinet, guitar, violin and snare drum – and they will have an opportunity to obtain even higher qualifications during their final years.

One important aspect of our IGCSE programme in Drama is in the area of performance and to that effect our students prepare an annual school play for the whole of the school community.

Not only does the group entertain with a high degree of thespian ability, but the performances also raise funds for projects supported by our social responsibility committee.

Similarly, one of the most awaited presentations at the end of the year is the Dance festival that brings together students, both girls and boys, from Early Learning School, Junior School, Middle School and Senior School to celebrate Peruvian, regional and world culture in movement and rhythm.


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