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The educational philosophy shared by the Inspired group of schools, and pursued by Cambridge College Lima since the school’s inception, is founded on a dedication to excellence permeating every aspect of the school, integrating innovative, challenging and enriching academic, performing arts and sports programmes, the Three Pillars of an Inspired education.


Developing academic endeavour and the quest for knowledge in our students is of vital importance to our school Staff. In their Senior years our students have the opportunity to obtain outstanding internationally recognised qualifications that open up the world beyond school and offer access to not only the best national but also international universities. We believe that our students reach their academic potential when they are engaged in the learning process, when their self-confidence is strengthened, when they are empowered by learning to think critically, and when their approach to study is ignited by outstanding teaching.

Physical Education
and Sports

Cambrige College Lima’s sporting pillar stands for health and well-being, fun, motivation, self-discipline and self-esteem. Whether involving students in team sports or introducing them to individual pursuits, Inspired aims to provide a Physical Education programme to suit every girl and boy. While some Inspired students in each school go on to achieve national and international honours, all benefit from the fitness, enjoyment and life-long interest that sport can provide. And here again, the physical exercise involved contributes to mental alertness necessary for successful study and love of learning.

Creative and
Performing Arts

A Cambrige College Lima education endows each individual student with the self-confidence that derives from performance, the appreciation of the arts as fundamental to the human experience and a creative approach to all they do. Whether through learning to speak in public, drama, dance and instrumental music lessons for all, or by developing a love of the visual arts, Inspired believes that artists are not special kinds of people but every person is a special kind of artist – and by setting free the creative individuality of each child, academic studies also flourish further.


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