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The governance of Cambridge College Lima S.A.C. is through it's Board of Directors which has the following responsibilities:

  1. Determine the general philosophy of the school, in accordance with the Peruvian Constitution and the Law of Education and its corresponding reglamentation.
  2. Approve the Internal Regulations, in coordination with the Headmaster of the school.
  3. Hire the Headmaster and complete the necessary legal procedure for his/her recognition by the corresponding authorities.
  4. Name two representatives to form part of the Fee and Scholarship Committee of Cambridge College Lima.
  5. Ensure the education provided by the school is of the highest quality by the use of suitable methods of information collection and control.
  6. Encourage continual professional development of Staff and also ensure remuneration is appropriate and competitive.
  7. Guarantee up-to-date equipment and installations in the school and a programme of opportune maintenance and renovation of the pavilions, furniture, equipment and pedagogical materials
  8. Keep abreast of the latest technological advance in the educational area.


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